Yfel Doftor

Evil alchemist bent on conquering death


tall, dark haired, tanned skinned, wears dark clothes of a noble and can be sen wearing the lower half of his fathers skull on his face when fighting.


Born to a poor farming family Yfel learned at an early age how hard the world can be. His father beat him mercilessly day in and day out claiming he was the spawn of the devil. In truth he was sired by a passing soldier who had taken his mother by force, too ashamed to tell her husband she blamed the devil for her new son to be. At the age of sixteen Yfel was cutting the wheat from the summers harvest when his father came tearing at him for some imagined slight, in a knee jerk reaction Yfel yanked the scythe he was using up towards his fathers outstretched fist and sliced his hand clean off. As his fathers blood hit his face Yfel knew exactly what he had done and he smiled. Yfel spent the rest of the evening practicing scythe cuts on his father’s lifeless corpse. When he arrived back at the house covered in blood his mother ran out yelling at him for making a mess and mutilating the livestock. Yfel raised the scythe and slid the blade deep into her chest, almost feeling the wood pulse with her heart beats. Yfel watched the life drain out of his mothers eyes impassionately and then went to his room to pack his meager possessions. one year after walking away from his murdered family Yfel had perfected his art of death and had begun experimenting on people to see what actually caused their deaths, believing it to be a spiritual cause rather than a physical one. Yfel studied alchemy was a passion and became transfixed on the notion that death was a tangible thing that could be destroyed or controlled. He currently resides in the realm of ered luin experimenting on fresh bodies and preparing himself for his ultimate battle over death.

Yfel Doftor

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